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Labyrinth sage Terry de Vries is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher and facilitator, as well as a highly qualified and competent healer and yoga teacher who has supported many people to transform their lives.  

Terry has worked with the labyrinth and yoga as a spiritual tool for the past 21 years to facilitate deep emotional healing, helping people to awaken to their authentic selves, access their inner creativity and innate wisdom and to connect with the Divine.

Her personal journey took her along many paths: reflexology, aromatherapy, yoga, labyrinths, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, crystals, bio-energetics, Access Bars, Sacred Geometry, A Course in Miracles, shamanism, vision questing, Temple of Mary bodhisattva. She is an internatioally certified yoga teacher, labyrinth facilitator, vision quest facilitator, Shamanic Breathwork facilitator and Shamanic Minister and has been working in the complimentary health and wellness field since 1995.

Terry loves being outdoors. When she is not walking labyrinths (which she builds all over the world), she is walking a pilgrimage (Machu Picchu, Santiago de Compostella, Rome…) or hiking in the mountains around South Africa, or elsewhere in the world, exploring sacred sites. She is a free spirit and believes laughter is the best medicine.

Terry is a wonderfully open and generous person with a heart for people – all people. The past years I have had on more than one occation the privilege to be guided by Terry through the labyrinth. What was apparent was that Terry did not only know the culture of the labyrinth extremely well, but was able to do the facilitation with great skill and most importantly,: with a sensitivity for the different religious sentiments that were represented within the groups.” – Carel Anthonissen, director, Centre for Christian Spirituality.

” I am speechless after my labyrinth walk with Terry. I could clearly feel big shifts happening on deep spiritual and emotional levels. Terry is so passionate about her work and she surrenders completely to the process like a true shaman. She creates a safe and sacred space so that one can follow the process with confidence. I have huge appreciation for the healing power of this process. Terry you have a wonderful talent, passion and wisdom. May it unfold and guide you in the most exciting, unexpected and magical ways. Thank you for being witness to my amazing labyrinth experience. Deep healing took place and I am eternally grateful.” – Greta McMahon, South African artist.

“I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend workshop facilitated by Terry, in which our fearless group of 8 women built a labyrinth on my property in Prescott, Arizona. Terry skillfully and gently guided us through the magic of dowsing rods to find the center of the labyrinth, as well as shared some beautiful rituals and honouring ceremonies. As a facilitator of groups myself, I was so happy to be led through the weekend by Terry’s expertise and creativity, as she is a magnificent leader and mentor, always aware of holding sacred space and keeping track of everyone’s quirks with grace and humour. Thank you Terry!” – Kat Kirby, Soul Collage facilitator, USA.

“Thank you Terry for sharing your shining heart with the world.” – Zoltan.